Oracle Cloud

Minimize risk and maximize business value with Cinntra?s solutions for the Oracle Cloud portfolio.

Cloud technologies can be critical to support your business?s need to innovate, New Product Rollout, modernize systems and trim costs. But it may not be easy to navigate the process. The decisions may be more complex than simply choosing a public or private cloud.

oracle-cloudCinntra Cloud Solutions for Oracle can help you take advantage of our experience with Oracle?s extensive suite of advanced business solutions, leveraging the power of cloud technology to respond to changing market conditions and help in acceleration of Business growth..

We help deliver business value while simplifying Oracle application environments, so you can be more agile in responding to business needs and providing a return on investment.

Oracle Cloud portfolio includes a comprehensive, modular set of solutions. We deploy cloud applications not just the way you want but actually as you need and realign your cloud strategy as business requirements evolve. This enables you to rapidly gain tangible benefits from the cloud without disrupting your business.

Key benefits:

  • Rich functionality
  • Consistent user experience
  • Social capabilities
  • Integrated intelligence and reporting