Microsoft Technology

Microsoft remains the dominant force in business computing, meaning that most IT projects rely on some degree of integration with their technologies. Your business may need assistance with database management and reporting or a bespoke software development project – Cinntra have the skills and experience to help.


Which Microsoft technologies do you specialize in?

Cinntra offer consultancy, development and training services for all of Microsoft?s server platforms,
  • Microsoft SQL Server. The cornerstone of all Microsoft products requiring data storage, SQL Server can form the basis of your own IT infrastructure. Cinntra can help integrate your disparate systems with SQL Server, or leverage business intelligence tools to help you get the most value from your own data stores.

  • Dot Net. Microsoft provides their own development frameworks built around Dot Net, allowing customisation and extension of core products to match your business needs. Cinntra can build upon your existing infrastructure using Dot Net so you get exactly the tools you need to make your business IT even more efficient.

  • Microsoft Azure. For maximum flexibility and the ability to use computing resources as and when required, Microsoft Azure offers ?on demand? computing. Rather than purchasing additional hardware for computing tasks, data processing tasks can be offloaded to the cloud, so your business only pays for what it uses, reducing long term costs.

  • Microsoft Share Point. Confidently deploy Cinntra solutions for Microsoft SharePoint to meet business-critical needs for simplified collaboration and enabling better-informed decisions. These solutions also address IT concerns for lower cost, simplified management, and increased data protection. Our solutions for SharePoint offer flexible, cost-effective, automated tiered storage for high performance and high capacity. Balancing SharePoint performance, data growth, and total cost of ownership is a key requirement for organizations. With our Solutions your Business can confidently leverage virtualization and the cloud for SharePoint to ensure application performance, scalability, consistent data availability, and rapid recovery

Why Cinntra?

Cinntra has proven skills and experience in managing and developing for Microsoft platforms. We also retain a dedicated software development team to provide integration services, data mining and business intelligence reporting and bespoke software development. Whatever you need, we have it covered.