Enterprise Solutions for Schools

School is an educational enterprise which has a very significant role in our life. All schools are doing commendable service to the society by educating our world tomorrow. Every ones aspiration is to teach our children from a school of everyone?s choice.school-enterprise

  • A school is not only a building of brick and mortars. It is a place where the character of a child is build.
  • Every school looks for a simple and scientific solution to manage its pupil from registration to graduation.
  • They want something which will provide them all information in finger tips whether it is student, teacher, finance, administration, facility, or security.
  • We provide a ERP for school which exclusively provide all the solution as mentioned above.

**This is concept only


Employee Management

Student Management

Fee Collection



Various Utility

Exam Management


Manage Admission


Hostel Management

SMS Notification

Manage Account

Android Mobile App